Web Design and Development

Web design and development is the design and development of your website including the functionality, look and feel, and on-page SEO.

At Baker Web Solutions we create SEO solutions that are centered around your growth. We specialize each solution around your specific industry needs to optimize for best results.

We bake your website with search engine optimization so each page is equipped to tell search engines what the page content is about. This helps users find you in search.

We provide content creation with baked in SEO for websites, blogs, social media, videos and more!

Our Web Design & Development Process

  1. Define

    At Baker Web Solutions no website is impossible, we build high-level web applications that adapt to the evolving world.

    Every site should be scalable, and effectively scale as the business grows. A website is a long-term investment, so it should be built to last. Upkeep is crucial, keeping up to date will help keep software secure and working smoothly. We work hard to ensure we keep everything up to date.

    No job is too big or too small. Integrating into a new system never seemed so flawless. We create an intuitive system architecture that continues to function for your business as it grows. You may not know completely how you want your new website or how it will function. We will work closely with you to get a full understanding of what you are in need of.

  2. Research

    In this phase, we break down all the factors of what needs to be done to get all of this accomplished.

    We are looking into factors such as how much it will cost, the competitors, the depth of the market, and similar functioning websites.

    We then get back to you with an execution plan, basically fully prototyping the website, going over what parts we will be making first, and then a deadline for when your website will be up and ready.

  3. Design Prototype (basic wireframe)

    We then create a prototype to understand how users may interact with your product. With a hierarchy to show how your product should best be organized.

    At first, we use low-fidelity wireframes to illustrate how an app may be structured.

    Once that is complete we begin designing the code infrastructure for key features that will benefit you product.

    The next step is configuring the UI with an enchanting experience and key engaging features. While making modifications where it’s appropriate. Ensuring your product functions the way it should.

    We then will have an idea of what we are trying to accomplish so we bring it all together, now using hi-fidelity wireframes. We continue to seek out any other major features that can work with the product. The prototype will function like the real application. The UI simulates practically every screen to screen transition, button functions and even animations. The prototype can be used to show to investors and use it for user testing prior to developing the actual product. Using the prototype we do extensive user testing checking up on the quality of each individual part. As part of this, we are using a Regression Testing technique, testing every feature in the application prior to launching the product.

    Once we have done our prep work we get back to you with an execution plan, explaining to you the timeline from first wireframe up until project release.

  4. Design Prototype (basic wireframe)

    After we ensure your website has met specifications and passed our tests, we then launch your application onto the world wide web.

    We can quickly tweak your product where needed. This is the finished stage, so this is where you can start to add content. We work closely with you to see what’s working and what’s not. We also do our own user testing and provide recommended improvements.

    From the combined results, you then can decide what enhancements and changes you want to implement.

  5. Bug Fixing & Maintenance

    Maintenance is not required with our products, we ensure we get it right the first time. Your website will work forever.

    As technology moves along updates are typically needed due to browsers and operating systems updating, newly found security vulnerability in underlying technologies.

    We provide regular maintenance to keep these things up to date and support you with any questions or issues you might have.

    Our professional client support includes bug fixes, design changes, and minor and major enhancements all with our professional client support.

    When you sign up for our professional client support we will suggest improvements, new features, and modifications to existing functionality to keep you ahead of your competition.

    You’re not required to stay with us forever, you can hire your own in house developers to keep up with the maintenance and we’ll even guide you to the right type of developers that you will need.

    Working closely with your team to make that transition a smooth success. Providing them with advice, our materials, and access to all of your projects. Regardless, we’d love to be the one to ensure that your product succeeds.

Our Web Design and Development Capabilities

  1. New Website From Scratch
  2. Web API Development
  3. E-Commerce Implementation
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Responsive Design Integration
  6. Object-oriented User Interfaces
  7. PWA (progressive web app)
  8. AWS server creation
  9. CMS Integration