The Best Online Design Software To Create a Website

There are many possibilities to choose from when it comes to creating a website. To save you time we narrowed down some of the best design software to create a website so that you can understand what's available and what they are useful for. Highlighting what ones work the best for any given situation, as well ordering them simplest to the most complex.

    Google Sites

    Practically anyone can create a website with Google sites. Google Sites has about 9 templates to choose from

    Effortlessly change the entire theme of the website, with the themes feature.

    Essential widgets are available and can easily be added. Google Sites utilizes drag and drop features, no coding required.

    It may be lacking customization but you can have a website running in as little as 5-10 minutes. You can try it for 14 days for free just by signing up a with a G Suite account

    A subscription for a G Suite account is $6 to $25 per month.


    Wix is designed to be a user-friendly website editor, utilizing a simplified drag and drop method. With wix anyone can make a professional and esthetically appealing website. Easily update and edit your website with no technical skills required.

    Wix is packed with a wide range of templates and each template can be customized to your liking.

    Add features to make your website more like an online store, a hotel booking system, and even a blog manager.

    Their app market is packed with hundreds of add-ons, mostly created by third-party companies some are free and some paid.

    With Wix Email Marketing you can add an email subscription button so new visitors can subscribe to your site and receive email newsletters.

    The front end SEO is easily applied but Wix automatically applies the backend SEO, this can get problematic in some situations. You’ll run into problems later if you want to do more advanced customization, do more advanced SEO, or expand your team. Wix will have a problem performing these tasks.

    A huge downfall with a Wix site is you can't export your site, nor can you export to another site platform like WordPress.

    Wix free version has everything you need to try out their software. The biggest thing that is missing is a domain name but try it for free forever. The paid version can range anywhere from $13 - $28 per month.


    Shopify focuses on eCommerce and provides everything you need to start an eCommerce store. Without any prior coding knowledge or even eCommerce experience.

    Included with everything an eCommerce store requires, such as credit card processing, dropshipping, marketing tools, and customer records.

    Shopify is packed with over 170 themes to choose from, and if you can't find the right one. Then create your own with their template creator.

    Their app store is packed with paid and free add ons that you can use for almost any problem.

    Shopfiy as well is not using a proper backend structure that’s ideal for SEO. So your overall SEO will have gaps that won't allow you to have a complete SEO strategy.

    Shopify is free for 14 days, plans range from $30 - $300 per month.


    WordPress has two options, and, the version is simpler, but less customization can be done. is open source so anyone can use or modify the WordPress Software all for free.

    WordPress has also been around the longest, with one of the strongest communities that continues to contribute to it. Their tools are highly customizable with thousands of plugins and templates to choose from.

    Using version does require a high level of technical skills. Due to the high complexity of WordPress, some will have third-party companies build and run their WordPress.

    WordPress is considered a content management system or (CMS), which makes it an ideal candidate for bloggers.

    Over 20% of all websites run on WordPress, powering over a third of the websites on the internet.

    Which is known by hackers, making WordPress an easy target for hackers.

    For the basics, WordPress can cost around $11 per month. Realistically, you can expect a one time fee of around $200, with a small ongoing monthly charge of $11 – $40 a month to keep it running. But if you need to hire a designer it can go up to $3000+.

    The Baker Web Solution

    All these options still require a fair amount of work and effort. If you decide to take the Baker Web Solution path, we can easily put WordPress together or we can custom code a website using one of the best web development languages called Vue.js, it is a progressive JavaScript framework used to create userfriendly and highly reactive websites.