Is a Progressive Web App For My Business?

Progressive web apps are creating waves within the web design and development industries. These unique applications allow for development of cross platform web apps that act as a hybrid between a web app and a native application.

This page will help you decide if a progressive web app is right for your business.

  1. Progressive web apps give users a consistent user experience

    Giving your users a consistent experience across their devices instills a premium feeling when interacting with your brand online.

    Progressive web apps are designed to provide a similar experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, providing your customers with the ease of use they deserve.

  2. No App Store Required

    Progressive web apps are installable from the browser so you don't have to deal with the restrictions, guidelines, and delays of each app store when you need to publish an update.

    App stores take a cut of profits if you are providing e-commerce through your app. You avoid these fees completely by choosing to use a progressive web app.

  3. Extremely Cost Effective Compared to Native Apps

    The cost of developing a progressive web app as opposed to a mobile app for Android and iOS is 50% less or more.

Research provided by App Institutes compilation of Google's Case Studies

  • Increase in mobile traffic by 68%+
  • 15x faster load and install times
  • 52% average increase in conversions
  • Sessions are on average increased by 78.25%
  • Engagement is often increased by 137%
  • The average load time for a page is 2.75 seconds
  • The average load time for a page is 2.75 seconds
  • Compared to mobile website’s, bounce rate is reduced by a phenomenal 42.86%
  • On average, page views increased by a staggering 133.67%!
  • Conclusion

    Now that you have some information on the benefits of a progressive web app, its time to ask yourself the question.

    Is a progressive web app right for my business?

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