How To Get Free Real Instagram Followers

Have you ever wondered how to grow your Instagram follower count naturally and organically? I created this guide to help you grow without having to use paid techniques that don't really help you grow. These tips will help you learn how to get free real Instagram followers.

  1. Brand & Complete Your Instagram Profile

    In the first few seconds of an Instagram user finding your page, they decide whether or not they are going to interact with your content or even follow you. Having a complete and branded Instagram profile will help entice users to follow you.

    Seemingly simple but often overlooked. A complete Instagram profile will look much better for users finding your page. Stick with a certain writing style and aesthetic when creating your posts, this will help create a sense of community within your users.

  2. Actively Participate in Your Space

    Who would have thought that using Instagram the way it was designed would help you gain followers and interactions? Well if you did, score one for you. Comment, like, follow, and reach out to people in your space to collaborate and help eachother to grow by sharing content.

  3. Utilize Your Bio URL

    Don't just leave your website's home page as the bio URL in your Instagram profile. You need to spice it up and use it to drive traffic to your most recent content!

  4. Use 29 popular hashtags relating to your post

    Take the time to find 29 popular hashtags that relate to your post to help with it's discovery.

    Use hashtags that have 500,000 posts or less, these tags will give you more exposure than other flooded hashtags.

  5. Create a Hashtag

    Use a company Hashtag to tie all your content together so it can be found easily in search!

    Creating a specific hashtag for your company and or current campaign helps to group your posts together under one search term.

    Use this hashtag in person as well as on the internet. Promoting this hashtag will help build your brand's presence by linking the content you share & create. Other people posting photos using your hashtag will help spread your brand's presence from within your community.

    We are excited to continue sharing our knowledge with you on this blog. Cheers! -Dallan