Building Backlinks in 2019

If you are going to grow your websites organic traffic in 2019, building backlinks is vital. Read on to learn how to build high quality backlinks that will drive traffic to your website.

  1. What Are Backlinks?

    Definition: Backlinks are links from external domains that point to pages on your domain; basically linking back from their domain to yours.

    Not all backlinks are created equal, backlinks with higher domain authority will help your rankings, poor backlinks can actually hurt your rankings!

  2. Why Should I Build Backlinks?

    High quality backlinks help your page rank in search results by telling search engines your page is relevant and has authority on the web.

    Remember google doesn't rank web sites it ranks web pages.

  3. Where should I start?

    Use a backlink checker tool such as ahrefs free backlink checker to find where your competitors are receiving their backlinks.

    Here are some popular sites you can register your business with.

  4. Conclusion

    In conclusion backlinks are external domains that have a link pointing to your domain. They show google that your content is relevant and has authority, helping with search position.

    The higher the linking domains authority the better.

We are excited to continue sharing our knowledge with you on this blog. Cheers! -Dallan