6 Helpful SEO Content Tips

Content is how you relay information to your customers. SEO is vital to get your content in front of the eyes of consumers, prospects, and other people.

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  1. Write to Your Audience

    This is something that often gets overlooked. Write content that appeals to your audience.

    Keyword research comes in handy in finding what your target audience searches for. Checkout the first point on our article 10 do it yourself SEO tip for more information.

    When you write to your audience and cater to what they are searching for you create a community around your industry, product, and most importantly your company.

  2. Post Consistent Content

    Post consistent content, doing so helps to give a consistent schedule that your customers can see. This greatly improves the customer experience of your brand.

    Responding to messages and comments quickly on social media makes your company look active in your community!

  3. Structure Your Posts & Website

    If your website is too confusing and hard to understand from a search engines web crawlers point of view, you will be docked in search rankings.

    Build a page hierarchy that allows any page to be accessed within 3 clicks or less of the home page. This will help with user experience as well as your sites readability by search engines.

  4. Optimize Page Speed

    The slower your page speed, the more frustrated your users become. Optimize your page speed to give your users a fast and enjoyable user experience.

  5. Format Content for Featured Snippets

    You know those little useful cards google gives you that shows you a summary of the answer to the question you just asked? This is featured snippets.

    When you format your content for featured snippets you give your users a much more readable piece of content regardless of being featured or not.

    To increase the chance of your content being featured in a featured snippet you can try these strategies.

    • Create high quality content
    • Answer questions in your content conclusively
    • Use ordered and unordered lists
    • Use eye catching images

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